Conference themes

The LAIBS Research Conference 2015 focuses on three major research themes: ‘impact’, ‘media’ and ‘digital scholarship’.

Theme 1 – ‘IMPACT’

The REF and impact component will draw up on recent REF results, and offer insights in to the ways impact may be monitored and measured as we move forward in to the future (2020), and discuss ways in which the institution and the business school intend to promote this agenda. In addition, the conference will offer space for both a plenary talk and experiential workshop to discuss and explore how academics can enhance their approach, and build-in impact in to their scholarly activities and engagement.

Theme 2 – ‘MEDIA’

The traditional media component will highlight both the institutional and business school need to amplify the good research currently being done within LAIBS. Opportunities and the specific mediums facilitated through both the institutional and other organisations for getting your research out through established networks and press will be discussed.


The digital scholarship component follows from the success of the Research Councils UK funded Vitae ‘Digital Researcher’ conference at the British Library (Feb, 2011 and Feb, 2012), and will provide insight in to key digital and social tools to facilitate online engagement, dissemination and collaboration in 2015. Underpinning this component will be a series of case studies of success; discussion around the opportunities available through shifting academic production online, and critique the challenges and drawbacks to such open approaches.


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